The current line up as of mid 2011:

Dave "Animal" Ellis - guitar/vocals
Dinny Kostka - bass/vocals
Bobbie Dazzler - drums
Floating member - Matt "Goose" Genys (guitar/drums) an original member but does not currently serve the live band line up.

Rats And The Plague are a "punk rock" band who started way back in 2002, in the humble surrounds of Hervey Bay, Queensland.
The band was formed with the mindset of a "DIY" attitude, the same attitude The Rats hold true to this day! Rats And The Plague draw influence from punk rock bands across the whole timeline of the genre, although their sound does not pigeon hole them into any particular sound of any particular era.
This is quite possibly what makes them popular with punk rock fans of all ages and sub cultures and is likely to be the reason they have never faded away in the 10 years of their existence, only to get more popular and gain more credibility among punk rock fans. (who are renowned for sniffing out and outing fakes among their culture)

"RATP" are known for their high energy and unpredictable live shows. Their fan base is loyal and also embrace the same "DIY" ethics the band hold dear, which makes for a huge groundswell of support when promoting live shows and the release of their music.
The bands long career has seen them play to thousands of Australian punters across many venues as a headline act, festival favourite and as a support act. 2006 saw the release of their acclaimed independent release "Dregs Of Society" which with its own indie cred', achieved moderate sales figures without the help and marketing from an outside label/distribution companies. The record was sold at shows and online and became an independent success story on its own with rave reviews and respect from fans, peers and industry folk.

2015 will see the release of the bands follow up record THE GREAT UNWASHED (due for release May/June) which has been recorded and will be distributed in much the same fashion as the last one. As it is the bands 13 year anniversary, the record will be a celebration of that, including unreleased songs, old live favourites and some new songs all in the mix. The core of the band has remained the same since 2002 although the band had several drummer changes during the first 5 years of their existence.